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Silver bars are the most common form of investment for those who want to put money into large amounts of physical silver, as opposed to silver coins or silver made antiques. Investors who want to buy silver bars to diversify their portfolio with numerous variants for every individual investment purpose. They differ in both value and the way they are manufactured.

5,10,20,50,100,250,500,1000g | 1,100oz

All silver bars come from LBMA certified (London Bullion Market Association) mints, such as Heraeus or Umicore.

Connect with Business Development Team via for current GF spot price and shipment information/additional details.

* Disclosure: Price paid in full upfront and non-negotiable via swift funds transfer to EU Bank. We accept Visa and MC.
Delivery within 5-8 banking days depends on quantities via Secure Delivery Service and Guaranteed.
Buyer fees 5%, plus airlines cost (service hand delivery to destination star alliance network) is available.
Actual product may slightly differ from per production time. Large quantities/volumes are available for long term supply.
We do not accept LC/SBLC/BG or Escrow Accounts. Procedures non-negotiable.

Additional information or details – Our Global Team will reply on any related inquiry with complete info submitted (proper contact numbers, company details) within 24 hours, as one of our BDM | Business Development Managers will be assigned locally.

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