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GOLDEN FLEECE | ASEAN (“GF”) is a Funding and Trading Holding Brokerage Company with an average yearly of 3,500 projects applications number globally of “shovel-ready” projects which have completed all phases of design, costing, permitting, and approval.

Global Market Assets and Debt Exchange Platform is part of 1SUT First Siam Union | 2GF Group Global Financial Institution and offers our clients Commercial Loans, Project Financing, Capital, Investment Programs, and Financial Instruments with globally coordinated banking and monetization.

Our Global Business Development Teams aim to provide financial facilities and assistance for our global customers who need funds for various project developments, seed capital, re-cap, and international trade finance. Our Group invested heavily in its local 2GFX | 2GT infrastructure platforms, intending to provide global clients with access and the ability to execute unique investment opportunities. This Global and Local infrastructure is critical to our ability to be a flexible solutions provider of capital in both onshore and offshore transactions. Today, GF/Group Global has a total of 113 professionals that operate out of forty- five owned, and Partner based offices globally.

There are several other projects in the development pipeline. The GF is embracing a strategy to finance its grand plan.

Comprehensive first-class global funding, asset management task platform, and solutions list:

I. Exclusive Funding sources within Network of W120 Banks | IMI | Central Bank and access within solid investors network for start-up, SME, Large Corporate established enterprises oriented on solid growth.

II. Equity trade and exchange, banking instruments, and 180 Countries’ forex market.

III. Global Trade Finance, Import and Export facilities globally.

IV. Manufacturing and Trade Unions’ financial services Unit implementation.

V. Short-term lending notes and monetary banking execution tools globally.

Our entire global trade management process is integrated with automated routine tasks and opens the opportunity for global trade professionals to focus on performance.

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