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Global Bank Accounts

Offshore Bank Accounts Application for Business or Personal HNWI in the hard traditional commercial ledger, soft, virtual and multi-currencies IBAN, credit cards, swift enabled, remote opening, daily operations capable, tailored or custom choices, global jurisdictions, and global currencies suite.

Private Banker – personal tasks, safe deposit box, insurance, stock trading.

For Medium | Large Corporations we can offer a mini banking suite option connecting to Non-Traditional banking setup and usage of direct an entire financial ecosystem. Accounts, FX, domestic and international payments, acquiring, and more- all delivered through a single, developer-first API. Corporate Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) allows you to deliver a suite of banking and payment services to your customers, with no licensing requirements.

Global Corporations and IFI Customers often face two challenges with statement processing, both of which are addressed by GFXMH. Firstly, customers need to set up an electronic statement service with their counterparty, monitor the timely delivery of statements, and be able to react quickly if any statements do not come through. Secondly, bank account statements can come in many different formats, and customers face the challenge of handling a diverse range of formats that may not be compatible with their back-office systems.
GFXMH addresses these challenges and acts as a single and secure central platform for receiving bank account statements in any format and transforming them into one single, digestible file (even when statements are split across multiple individual messages). This file can then be routed to your back-office applications in whichever format you prefer.

Mini-Bank Suite | Global Access

Features at a Glance-

End-to-end payment processing
Transforms all data it receives into a standardized canonical format
Validates, enriches, and converts payment files into the destination format
Uses intelligent and highly configurable routing rules to process the payment (or other financial instruction) in line with the recipient’s requirements.
Generate correctly formatted payment files automatically-
In-built country-specific and bank-specific domestic payment format library
Over 140+ currencies, 180 countries
Format agnostic – supporting SWIFT MT, SWIFT ISO, XML, CSV, TXT, PDF, SAP IDOC, other ERP adapters, and other formats.
ISO 20022 Migration support
SWIFT GPI-compliant

The new SWIFT message standards | Trade Finance as of November 2021, attempt to solve the current issues by using structured fields in the bank-to-bank messages MT 760 and MT 767. Such fields would include the guarantee amount, expiry date, and parties. Future processes for the MT 760 and MT 767 can only be used for demand guarantees and standbys. All sureties, accessory guarantees and other dependent undertakings will need to be sent in MT 759 ancillary trade messages, which continue using a single large narrative field.

Our Messaging Hub (GFXMH) can help organizations provide their customers with complete and correctly formatted account statements on a daily and intra-daily basis – even despite potential challenges posed by limitations in their core banking systems or related applications. Using GFXMH, statements can be generated in a wide range of formats (including SWIFT MT, SWIFT ISO, XML, CSV, TXT, PDF, and others) without making complex and expensive changes to their core applications.

Additional information or details – Our Global Team will reply on any related inquiry with complete info submitted (proper contact numbers, company details) within 24 hours, as one of our BDM | Business Development Managers will be assigned locally.