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Financial Mandate | Business Plan | Trade Plan

All clients will need to demonstrate the viability of their projects.

GF requires an Executive Summary to begin to review your project and start to develop a financing strategy.

The inclusive list may include the following:

  • Corporate Company Profiles | Executive Summary
  • Business Plan
  • Feasibility Study
  • Patents – issued or applied for Project’s side
  • Market study
  • Cash-flow analysis
  • All the permits and licenses as a permissive documentation
  • Demonstration of products, and projects, sight visits, corporate support to carry out the tasks

GF may be prepared to invest in the development of a complete project analysis, based on project size and initial commitments from the client’s side.

The Project

Technical and environmental data: 

– General purpose, justification, and location (rated and forecast capacity).
– Legal status of the proposed project, relationship with the borrower/promoter’s other activities, licenses, and concessions obtained.
– Technical description: technology, site development, buildings, production and storage plant, general services, transport systems, and equipment.
– Environmental impact assessment, where relevant and appropriate, including reference to relevant laws, mitigating measures to protect the environment, and specific studies.
– Engineering studies and implementation plan: consultants (if any), procedures for tendering and awarding contracts, supervision, works schedule, and implementation timetable.
– Detailed cost estimate, itemizing site, and plant expenditure, provision for physical and price contingencies, interest during construction, initial and start-up expenses, together with a breakdown in foreign and local currencies.
– Operation: raw materials and products, flowcharts, consumption and output levels, managerial staff and workers, management organization, technical assistance where applicable. 

Financial disclosure: 

–  Breakdown of project operating and maintenance costs, depreciation, and overheads.
–  Financing plan for the project and schedule of projected expenditure.
–  Projected cash flows, profit and loss accounts, and balance sheets, until the project is expected to come fully on stream.
–  Estimate of the project working capital requirements over time.
–  Calculation of the project’s IRR.
–  Security and guarantees offered. 

Submission for GF Commercial Loan CL1.2 – Application Documents 

Corporate CL1.2 lending: GF → Borrower | Consortium | SPV → Project 

Corporate CL1.2 loans for projects over 25 million USD/EUR may be requested directly from the GF. The layout and content of documents to be submitted to the GF are the responsibility of the project promoter. 

Given the range and diversity of potential projects, there is no standardized documentation requirement. The GF does not require its borrowers to complete set forms or questionnaires. As a general rule, the GF expects to receive a comprehensive feasibility study. 

Where this has not been prepared, the project promoter may use his own discretion in compiling detailed information to permit the technical, environmental, economic, financial, and legal appraisal of projects. The following documentation list is intended as a guideline for application for a loan. Additional information, documents, contracts and etc. may be required subsequently.

Global Trade Finance: 2GF | 2GT Intermediary and Consignment Trade | Global Buyer and Seller

For Global Trade Finance Applications, we will require a complete set of Trade Documents with a TA Trade Account Set up, which may include and not limited to:

  1. Buyer and Seller CIS, Corporate Registrations(complete articles and UBO’s list).
  2. Banking details with bank officer’s contact info.
  3. Trade Agreement | SPA | LC/SBLC | Drafts.
  4. Port of loading and unloading, proof of shipping commercial accounts.
  5. Commodities/products/cargo preparation lead time.
  6. Previous experiences between current Buyer and Seller, if none relate to previous trade volumes and disclosure of documents as proof for finance application checklist.
  7. Critical items/issues list as to Ports, Customs, and other needs per trade deal submitted.
  8. All related additional info/details.

Collateral Lending | Asset Collateral Lombard Loans

For Collateral Lending and Lombard Loans Applications, we will require a complete set of documents on FA | Funding Account Set up Application, which may include and not limited to:

  1. Complete CIS for the owner of the collateral only(no agents, middlemen, or third parties).
  2. Proof of Collateral(jurisdiction, SKR, banking statements, invoices).
  3. An appraisal from reputable global sources, documentation proof, and fee payment.
  4. Re-Appraisal call, we will require you to submit it under banking call if necessary for LTV determination.
  5. Certain Banks will request the in-person signing of Final Documents(based on the above values), for Compliance and AML requirements. Travel time shall be included and a more suitable alternative versus documents courier delivery and authentication time.
  6. All related additional info/details.