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Bank Loan | Debt | Mortgage | Corporate Distressed Debt Portfolio Takeover

Our Fund specializes in discounted/premium buyout of Global Banks and International Financial Institutions’ distressed or high leveraged debt/mortgages/corporate portfolios at all ratings and stages with possible conversion for additional liquidity.

Our engagements may include:

1. MV assessment and value pricing offering on immediate holdings.
2. Swift cash payout or conversion in digital assets/tokens, refinancing cap offering, and acquisition of tangible assets against it.
3. Additional Fund/Banking setup and placement in offshore jurisdictions.
4. Trade tangible commodities income portfolio/monthly payouts.
5. Application for capitalization Loan up to 500M per 6 months allocation, depending on project size.
6. Funding Loan Placement.
7. Funding Closing.

Process 14-65 days in length, based on all documents acquired and provided by all parties.

Our financial reimbursements are based on success and % profit, although there are initial upfront costs – FA Funding Account set up, retainer, due diligence, travel, legal, company set up and more as required are always upfront and extra as per Project needs and paid by Clients, as per approved schedules.

For additional info send a complete request with full contact info only, our local BDM will respond within 24 hours.


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