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Custodial Bank Safe Keeping Receipts (CSKR/SKR)

Custodial Bank Safe Keeping Receipts (CSKR/SKR) – GF may order or assist in issuing Safe Keeping Receipt SKR to protect your deposit, without paying any upfront fees to the Banks. Six to twelve months after the issuance owner will pay full banking cost to continue protecting your assets.

Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Precious Metals, Paintings

SKR is a Bank Instrument, in most cases used as an alternative financing tool.

We may accept instruments from Banks, Storage Houses and Alternative Financing Facilities. See Page ABL | Asset Backed Lombard Loans

List of items we may facilitate and apply as SKR>ABL collateral in:

Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Precious Metals



Valuable Documents

Precious Gems

Collectible Art


• Futures Contracts and Pass-through liquidity

Treasury and Corporate A/B+ Bonds

International Insurance Policy

/some additional terms, jurisdiction and conditions will apply/

The Issuer of SKR do not own them and shall return asset, if requested.

The owner of valuable assets can take SKR against them. The collateral used and based on banking instrument provides alternative financing structure. Very similar process is used in SBLC, BG, LC, Bonds. Swift is used for transfer and MT760 or considered as ABL | Asset Backed Lombard Loan and credit facility.

GF capable to monetize SKR and use this banking tool as a cash instrument in creating cash transaction.

Some terms and conditions apply, based on financial institution and type of assets.


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