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Our Global Team will reply to any related inquiry with complete info submitted(proper contact numbers, company details) within 24 hours, as one of our BDM | Business Development Managers will be assigned locally under consideration of adequate financial proposals/engagements.

24.7.365 Global Contact |

Trade Desk, Finance, and Capital Divisions, Representatives Offices in Canada | USA | Panama | Peru | Chile | Georgia | UAE | Oman | Singapore | Thailand | Hong Kong | Japan | Barbados | Belize | Bermuda | Bahamas | Cyprus | Malta | Switzerland | Angola | Namibia | Tunisia

Project Funding Inquiries, FA Funding Account VP, Area –

Our firm is a Global Financial Institution, operating in over 60 offices worldwide. We’re committed to servicing our clients on a 24.7.365 basis and to responding to all global inquiries within a 2-24 hours average time bracket as it depends on the jurisdiction and proposed financial engagement.

To qualify for – Provider New Issuance > Applicant of SBLC/SLOC Stand by Letter of Credit/BG:

1. Min 100M Face Value – max 500M (other amounts could be approved on unique/special cases/licensed for XL | Trade via Central Banks)

We issue SBLC/SLOC Stand by Letter of Credit/BG/Bond- DIRECT (no middleman), clients must have funds/money upfront up to 20%* of the face value for us to issue SBLC/SLOC.

Our Banking and Funding Teams proposed services/engagements will not accept BPU, Escrow Accounts on the third party, Funds must be allocated within our Group Client’s FA / Funding Account and FCA | Funding Contractor Agreement completed and signed.

2. Our Group will underwrite the full process from RWA to MT760/799

Complete Process on Swift and Bank to Bank procedures.

3. Top W10-120 Banks | IFI | Central Bank

Global Top 10 or Trade-related 180+ Global Banks with ratings for monetization requirements and local/global bank/IFI via Central Bank(in the event of special trades permits/licenses applications and above 500M value) for regular or licensed approved trade finance implementation.

Example scenario: UK Company buying rice from a Thailand supplier and in need of SBLC | BG for the next 12 months trading supply contract. There is no specific need to send SBLC | BG from UK Bank and pay extra costs for it, we can issue Thailand Local Bank confirmable/acceptable SBLC | BG in THB and save additional costs for the UK Company, reserving healthy profit margins. Disclosure and information in advance give us visibility on all implementations we can offer within Global W120 Banks.

List of New SBLC/BG/LC/Bond Issuance | Collateral available for the next 12 months, click here(request access key from BDM | FA Account).

4. Monetization > Sub-Contract via pre-selected/approved Brokerage Houses with available options
Timelines guaranteed 15-90 days max, depending on your status with receiving Bank and purpose of usage. Genuine issuance for Financing, Trade or Trade Finance related purposes, carryover or extensions applications available.

Our issuance/engagements are NOT available for PPP, TP, Penny traders, mandate owners, and outside consultants(please do not send inquiries for any related groups).

All Funding | Monetizations | Procedures Inquiries, FA Funding Account VP, Area –

To qualify for – Monetization via our Banking network on outside existing or new initiation:

  • Information | Complete CIS on Provider | Applicant/Beneficiary/Structure
  • UBO’s details | Citizenship and any other Global Permanent Residences
  • Provider Proof of Funds | Assets/Collateral/Securities via current Bank/Brokerage statement/stamped and emailed directly to us for initial review
  • Complete Commercial Banking details/info on proposed Applicant/Beneficiary/Structure

The above complete and broader info will allow our Banking Team to evaluate issuance and face value/ A/B ratio with recourse and non-recourse procedures on applicable monetization or other financial implementations we can offer within our Global Bank Network.

Global FA | Funding Account set up, Compliance and Banking Team procedures will require initial expenses on an hourly basis as consulting and fees, retainer, see page Business FA | Funding Account

All Funding | Monetizations | Procedures Inquiries, FA Funding Account VP, Area –

To qualify for – New Applicant > Issuance of BD | Bank Draft via our Banking network:

  • Information | Complete CIS on Applicant/Beneficiary/Structure
  • Information | Contracts on Usage and Implementation Structure
  • UBO’s details | Citizenship and any other Global Permanent Residences
  • Complete Commercial Banking details/info on Beneficiary/Structure Company/Entity

Issuance as collateral proof, usually BD issued and certified in entity/company name, we may use USD | EUR | GBP | CAD | AUD | HKD and hard copy Bank Draft Delivery from Bank Branch or pick up in Branch, or Swift transfer procedure as required by Beneficiary. The process could take up to 90 days, depending on the amount and structure.

All Funding | Monetizations | Procedures Inquiries, FA Funding Account VP, Area –

Business Development Team –

To request for – New Import | Export > Trade Financing, Product Listings, Cargo Facilities:

Trade – Discounting, Forfaiting, Payables Finance, Distribution Finance. See pages Import and Export.

Products – Listings for Products, Commodities, Services, and Collateral for Global Network.

Services – Trade, Cargo, Insurance facilities. Insurance Claims representations.

For any related listings, please contact Global Business Development via

Legal Department –

To Request – Professional Consultations on the current outside of our Group/GF and ongoing elsewhere/third parties financial engagement:

Contact us for professional advice or a second opinion on any financial deal/s you are aiming to engage in or to sign financial documents, DoA, Swift MT 7/9 series drafts, issuance documents, etc.

Our Global Legal Team can review your case, consult and recommend further procedure and legal action, if applicable. All initial reviews, consultations, introductions/referrals are paid per hour and upfront, as per the list of services below –

  • Funds | Collateral Confirmation, from Provider/Bank’s side, due diligence process.
  • Bank Contact/Letter and Proof of Funds | PoF.
  • Swift Charges | Unauthorized add-on charges from Issuing Bank as swift transmission charges. Any other pre-issuance swift/local bank/insurance costs review and recommendations. Refund requests and dispute filings with Compliance Team.
  • DoA | review, recommendations, and transactional analysis.
  • Provider SBLC | Bank and Applicant SBLC | Bank non-performance, compensation on defaults.
  • Provider SBLC | misrepresentations, fraud, AML | Bank compliance trigger, damages, and compensation assessment payouts.
  • Bank Contact Letter and Proof of Funds | PoF.
  • Swift Trace on MT1/2/7 series.
  • IP | IS | ID S2S non-performance by transmitting Bank, Issuer misrepresentations.
  • SBLC | BG | Bond Default Insurance Claim.
  • Agreements | DoA Non-Performance on both sides, mitigation and settlements process.
  • SBLC claim and legal settlement process/mediation on default clause and non-performance.
  • Claim Lodgement against Provider/Issuing Bank with Beneficiary/Receiving Bank, the flow of documentary coordination, assist and review all input fields.
Contract ReferenceMT765, MT786
Claim Lodgement dateMT765
Extend or SettleMT765
Claim AmountMT765, MT786
New Expiry DateMT765
Claim Lodgement dateMT786
  • Claim Reject from Provider/Issuing Bank > Beneficiary/ Receiving Bank review and revision on outstanding documents or additional requirements submission as documentary evidence and disclosure details on Swift Codes.

Reject Codes | Errors >  R1- Documents missing,  R2- Signature Missing,  R3- Input Error,  R4- Insufficient Balance/Limits,  R5 – Others.

  • The new SWIFT message standards | Trade Finance, as of November 2021, attempt to solve the current issues by using structured fields in the bank-to-bank messages MT 760 and MT 767. Such fields would include the guarantee amount, expiry date, and parties. Future processes for the MT 760 and MT 767 can only be used for demand guarantees and standbys. All sureties, accessory guarantees and other dependent undertakings will need to be sent in MT 759 ancillary trade messages, which continue using a single sizeable narrative field. Most Global FI or medium size Banks will require to understand the new structure- MT700: This message is used for issuing a letter of credit. It is sent by the issuer of the letter of credit to the (first) advising bank which is most commonly the beneficiary’s bank. It contains details of the letter of credit, including the terms and conditions, the parties involved, and the amount of the credit. MT707 – This message is used for amending a letter of credit. It contains details of the changes to the original letter of credit, including the new terms and conditions. MT710: This message type is used if the issuing bank can’t send the issuance of the letter of credit (MT700) directly to the beneficiary’s bank and a second advising bank is needed. In that case, the issuing bank can instruct the selected advising bank (the receiver of MT700) to advise the issuance further to the second advising bank. MT710 has the same structure and content as the original MT700 with some additional fields for first advising the bank’s reference and issuing bank’s details. MT720: This message is used for transferring a letter of credit. This message is used if the beneficiary of the original letter of credit needs to transfer the credit amount or most commonly part of it to a third party. In that case, the transferring bank sends the details of the original MT700 with the needed changes that are regulated by UCP rules to the second beneficiary’s bank with this message type. MT734: This message is used for discrepant document presentations under a letter of credit. It is sent by the issuing bank to the beneficiary’s bank to notify them that the documents presented do not comply with the terms of the letter of credit. MT742:  This message is used for claiming reimbursement for the complying presentation by the beneficiary’s bank if allowed by the issuing bank in the letter of credit conditions. MT760: This is the SWIFT message containing the details of an undertaking (demand guarantee or a standby letter of credit) such as the terms and conditions, the parties involved, and the amount of the undertaking. The sender of this message can have multiple different roles. It can be the issuer of an undertaking or counter-undertaking or a bank advising an undertaking to the next advising bank. The exact content of the message needs to be checked to define the role. This is different from the issuance of a letter of credit in which there are different message types for each variation. MT767: This message is used for an amendment to an undertaking. It contains details of the changes to the original undertaking, including the new terms and conditions. MT765: This message is used to demand payment under an undertaking and may include a request to extend the expiry date. MT759: This message is an ancillary message that is used when no specific message type is defined. This is more structured than a free format message and it contains the type of the instrument that it refers to and also the function of the message. It can also be used to issue and amend dependent undertakings. MT799: This is a free format message used for unstructured bank correspondence. SWIFT Messaging Types seldom usedMT701: This is a continuation message for the MT700. Sometimes narrative fields in the primary letter of credit issuance (MT700) are not long enough and more text is needed. Up to seven MT701-messages are allowed in addition to the initial MT700. MT711: If the original letter of credit issuance contained continuation messages (MT701) in addition to MT700, these continuation messages are advised to the second advising bank with this message type. MT798: This is a bank-to-corporate message and consists of a variety of sub-messages that cover the life-cycle events of letters of credit, demand guarantees, and standby letters of credit. There are several proposed changes to the new and updated SWIFT messaging standards, specifically MT760 and MT767. Key updates- MT760: The new version of MT760, which is used for standby letters of credit, will include updated fields and options to support electronic documents, such as electronic bills of lading. The updated version of MT760 will also allow for multiple drawdowns under the same standby letter of credit, which will simplify the process for banks and their customers. MT767: The updated version of MT767, which is used for guarantees, will also include updated fields and options to support electronic documents. In addition, the new version of MT 767 will allow for partial releases of guarantees, which will provide greater flexibility for banks and their customers. Harmonization of fields: Both MT760 and MT767 will be updated to align with other SWIFT messaging standards, including MT700 (used for letters of credit) and MT758 (used for demand guarantees). This harmonization will make it easier for banks to process and reconcile different types of financial messages. Digitalization: The updated versions of MT760 and MT767 will also support the growing trend toward digitalization in the banking industry. The new messaging standards will allow for the use of digital signatures and authentication methods, which will increase security and streamline the processing of financial messages.
  • Crypto | Digital Assets and Tokenization, review on valuations, jurisdictional filings, stability.
  • Crypto | Digital Assets Issuance monitoring.
  • Crypto | Digital Assets Non-converting/fiat clearance, market or wallet issues, Loss of Funds.
  • Crypto | Digital Assets Market/Issuer/Fund Holder Insolvency, Closure, and Bankruptcy Cases.
  • African Government Development Loans default, non-payment, disputes.
  • African Government Trade Disputes, Arbitration, and Court Filings.
  • African Banks LC and Trade disputes, Trade LC non-payments.
  • Indian Banks LC and Trade disputes, Trade LC non-payments.
  • GCC Banks | Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE | Bank LC and Trade disputes within mainland Companies and Free Zone Companies, Trade LC non-payments.
  • Chinese Banks LC and Trade disputes, Trade LC non-payments.
  • Claim against LC Provider/Issuing Bank > Beneficiary/Receiving Bank review and revision on Outstanding, Liability amount, Confirmed Amount, Unconfirmed Amount, Available Confirmed Amount, Available Unconfirmed Amount.
  • Reversing LC Liability, Provider/Issuing Bank > Beneficiary/Receiving Bank review and revision on LC and the amount is availed using a Bill, the Availment Amount and the Liability Percentage specified for the underlying LC contract will be used in computing the default Liability Amount. Advices | Review advices that will be generated for the avail­ment. Commis­sion | Review Charges, Commissions, or other Fees services. Tax | Review the availment of applicable tax services inclusion. The tax details are applicable for the availment and the ability to waive it, if applicable/neces­sary. Processing Tax for LCs details the procedure of main­taining tax rules and schemes. Settlement | Settlement screens. Review and specify set­tlement details for the availment like the accounts to be used for the availment message details and party details. Based on the details that you enter in the settlement screens, the availment will be settled. Collateral | Corresponding or new figures to specify the adjustments, on the cash collected as collateral. Event | Review the details of the events and accounting entries that an availment entails. Charge | Capture charge details.

Any major legal case settlement, award, compensation, and complex litigations are to be determined in the case-by-case scenario by the Jurisdiction/Attorney Firm undertaking case directly.

See page, Business FA | Funding Account

New Brokerage Licensing –

To become a Licensed Territory Broker for Funding and Trade Finance, please send to our Business Development Team a detailed introduction/presentation with CIS/CIP to –

Licensed Territory Broker

To become a Licensed Territory Broker for Funding and Trade Finance, please send to our Business Development Team a detailed introduction/presentation with CIS and a Business overview snapshot of your country/territory. Valuable past experiences within your region/field. We will review it and contact you for more collaboration.

Our Brokers are licensed on 12 mths contract with an ongoing renewal process, one-time fees/costs of licensing vary from 17,5-900K USD initial set-up fees, Apple Mac OS/IOS hardware/devices/installation, and Internal Software package installation including training and leads for territory management(depends on the jurisdiction, size of business delegated, other factors for long term suitability).

Territory | Countries | Area Assignment

Country License-

Population, Business dealings within previous 3-5 years, Small/Medium/SME/Large Corporations regional needs, and capacity to service offshore network.

Business Plans | Trade Prospectus

Business Planning and Opportunities ahead-

Ultimate Business Plan and visibility on future dealings within the country/region.

Union | Member Brokerage Facility

Other venues-

Ability to create Unionized Trade Facilities and commercial visibility needs within the country and cross-regional trade segments.

Hardware | Software | Working Stations

Other criteria and local needs:

Global Trading | Working Stations – 

The majority of Brokers and Global Offices operate on open concept 24.7.365 and workflow environment databases with enabled Apple Mac OS/IOS hardware/devices/installation. We provide pre-loaded hardware with 36 months’ warranty and training. All staff will require to undertake 3-5 days of online training and follow-up Q&A calls.

Employment, Contractors, and Procurement –

*Disclosure/basic understanding:

We value our client’s time and financial opportunities and expect back the same.

If you don’t have the funds to retain our firm, please DO NOT contact us. We appreciate every grand/size/income opportunity and working with many clients globally now and in the future. Our time is a valuable asset and we do not work for free; it is best for our mutual understanding to revisit working opportunities when everything/items and time is adequate to engage with our Group/Global Banking Network.

Our procedures and structure for issuance, monetization, or financing are non-negotiable.

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