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Central Banks | Monetary Authorities | Global IFI

We offer a wide range of financial consulting services designed to assist Central Banks, Monetary Authorities and Global International Financial Institutions in managing their foreign exchange, esoteric assets/debt and gold reserves.

In recent pandemic and geo-political issues within regional IFI and Central Bank customers have traditionally looked for safety, liquidity and return.

Central Banks, Monetary Authorities and Global International Financial Institutions

Our Group maintains a superior credit quality and exceptionally strong capital position. Our investment strategy focuses on combining diversification benefits with intensive credit and market risk analysis.
To ensure liquidity, we stand ready to repurchase A/B+ grade tradable instruments at little cost to our customers and thus respond quickly and flexibly to their needs.

What we may offer on case-by-case scenario –

A full range of traditional short-term instruments, denominated in reserve currencies. These instruments allow customers to meet cash management objectives, and at the same time provide competitive remuneration.
Flexibility on implementation and widely used by both sophisticated reserve managers and by those with more straightforward requirements.

Sight/notice accounts and fixed and floating rate deposits
Fixed-term deposits, also denominated in a basket of currencies
Flexible amounts and maturities
Tradable instruments
Fixed-Rate Investments, available for any maturities between one week and one year
MTIs: Medium-Term Instruments with quarterly maturities from one to five years
Callable MTIs: MTIs with an embedded call feature
Foreign exchange and gold services
2GFX support clients by offering a wide range of foreign exchange services.
Spot, swaps, outright forwards, options, FX-linked deposits
Private Label Institutional e-FX trading platform and orders
Gold purchases and sales: spot, outright forwards, swaps and options
Gold upgrading and investments (including swaps and dual currency deposits)
Gold location exchange, safekeeping and settlement: loco London, Berne or New York
Statement of commitment to the FX Global Code
Asset management services

An attractive investment widely used by reserve managers searching for additional yield and outstanding credit quality. Issued in major currencies along the yield curve, they can be efficiently liquidated before final maturity. Ideal for active reserve managers who seek to take full advantage of market opportunities.

Available in various asset classes and offered as either single-currency or multi-currency mandates in major reserve currencies.
Dedicated portfolio mandates or open-ended collective investment vehicles.
Specific or standardized investment guidelines.
Short-term uncommitted advances to central banks, usually on a collateralized basis.
Trustee or agent in connection with international settlements.

For additional info send complete request with full contact info only, our local BDM will respond within 24 hours.


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