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Additional Documents

Additional Documents shall be requested as requirement for KYC and CIS, Corporate Article versions, Current Bank Account Info | Swift, Bank/er contact details and etc.

Additional information regarding the promoter/s and the project, the following are required: 

  • A description of the project’s envisaged commercial structure and risk allocation i.e. a description of the purpose of the project, any envisaged auxiliary(revenue) or supply contracts (including construction and operation/maintenance) and the parties to these contracts (including their experience in the domain of the project and their credit standing). An analysis of the project’s revenue and cost risks, especially in cases where “term of debt” supply or auxiliary contracts are not envisaged. 
  • A description of the project’s financing structure including a detailed breakdown of the financing sources: equity, mezzanine and senior debt, and the envisaged role of GF within the financing structure. 
  • A financial model, including cashflow forecasts for the life of the project in sufficient detail to enable analysis of the underlying assumption (e.g. detailed revenue, funding, operating and maintenance cost forecasts). 
  • In the case of a PPP project information on the conceding authority and the procurement timetable, a summary of the key concession terms and a copy of the concession contract. 
  • Technical, Legal or Insurance Advice received on the project.